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Win-SSI takes the SMACS seismic margin, well proven for it's accuracy in predicting dynamic soil structure interaction, and makes it available on a windows platorm. This permits a computationally efficient way of carrying out seismic margin analysis by facilitating the rapid analysis of a range of varying parameters.


Win-SSI is based upon the SMACS (Seismic Methodology Analysis Chain with Statistics) technique. We have obtained permission from the USNRC (United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission) to develop and sell a code directly derived and validated against the SMACS suite. This has been renamed Win-SSI and is a computer code which builds upon CLASSI and SMACS to create a package with a graphical user interface which guides you through the production of soil structure interaction (SSI) analyses.


The software guides you through selecting from your personal library of soil profiles and time history sets. It checks that your output files form a valid QA set by carrying out checksum, date and time checks and produces plots to illustrate your work. These make it ideally suited for the demands of the nuclear industry but also for the assessment of any strong motion soil structure interaction problem.


The package comes with validation against other applications of the CLASSI methodology and runs published under the US government sponsored SMACS (probablistic seismic analysis chain) programme. The CLASSI methodology was compared with full scale testing as part of the Lotung soil structure interaction experiment (http://www.iasmirt.org/iasmirt-3/SMiRT10/DC_250932) and showed itself there to give one of the most accurate predictions available.

Win- SSI provides an interface with ANSYS and SAP IV (more interfaces to follow) so that existing finite element models can be used to form the basis of your soil structure interaction analysis.

We also offer a full support and training package. 

The result of all these tools is a solution which enables accurate assessment of dynamic soil structure interaction problems swiftly and efficiently, requiring minimal time for the engineer and only moderate computational power. 

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